You can find a list of my projects here.


I've been using JavaScript (with Node.js) since 2018. I've done many projects using JavaScript (both front and back-end), from simple websites to advanced Discord bots. I switched in 2023 from js to TypeScript and it's the language I use now for most projects. You can find some example projects below.

PokéHunt RStorage Chattin Discord Bot Template


In 2019 I learned how to use HTML and basic CSS. Since then I've created a few sites using HTML. In 2023 I started using SvelteKit for websites, instead of "plain" HTML.

This site PokéHunt's website


In 2023 I learned to program with Java and created a simple game called CloudRush with a friend of mine. Java looks a lot like JavaScript, but it's not the same. I still prefer JavaScript/TypeScript over Java, just because I'm used to it I guess.



I started with Python in 2019, and in the years following I've used Python only for a few projects. I prefer JavaScript/TypeScript over Python, with the same reason as Java.

I don't have any public Python projects.


I use Linux as my (main) operating system on my PC. I used to dual boot windows and linux (mainly to play games), however, I don't dual boot anymore.

I have my own server which I use to host various things (using docker), like for example nextcloud and home automation things.


For (almost) every project I use git. Git is really easy to use and can help a lot with programming. Made a small mistake/bug in your code? With git you can easily go back in time and see what went wrong. It also allows for easy collaboration with other developers.

You can find many examples on my Github profile!